Visual Notes

For a photo artist, composition is the sublime arrangement of elements within a chosen 'photo frame' to present a narrative..akin to a poets lyrics.

It is widely considered that composition is purely an 'art form', to appease the visual palette of human perception. But there is more to this; in many a case there is also an element of appointed sciences to orchestrate the aesthetics of the visual melody.

We present a sample of practical compositions that we teach in all its nuances for the art of street photography

Leading Lines & Curves
Rule of Thirds
Golden Spiral-Ratio
Rule of Odds
Light & Shadows
Ambience & Atmosphere
Patterns & Shapes
Sub Framing
Visual Weight
Symmetrical Balance
Perspective & Abstraction
Diagonal Balance
Juxtaposition Balance
Size-Count-Value Balance
Tone-Space-Depth Balance